The State of SIE

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The State of SIE

We've found 17 articles related to storytelling

What is SIE?

Peter Bisanz: The State of Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) introduction

Peter Bisanz
Narrative Film

How Milk captured a watershed LGBT moment in history

Gus Van SantDustin Lance Black
Narrative Film

How Spotlight shows detail is everything when highlighting an issue

Tom McCarthy
Narrative Film

The power of film to show ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Don CheadleTerry George
Narrative Film

To move and empower people you need a really good story

David Linde
Narrative Film

Why is it a fight for filmmakers to tell the stories that need to be told?

Gina Prince Bythewood
Narrative Film

For a film to make a real difference weave social impact into the storytelling

Reginald Hudlin
Documentary Film

How an innovative strategy gave Before the Flood a record-breaking audience

Leonardo DiCaprioFisher Stevens
Documentary Film

Why is uncomfortable viewing frequently the most impactful?

Joshua Oppenheimer
Documentary Film

Doc Society works to harness the magic of film, but how?

Jess Search
Documentary Film

Why story should always come before entertainment in documentary films

Elise Pearlstein

Why do producers and writers need to keep a finger on the pulse?

Neal Baer

How The Vagina Monologues demonstrates the power of theatre

Eve Ensler

Can theater be considered the most essential artform of democracy?

Oskar Eustis

Using the immediacy and intimacy of theatre to champion diversity

Dustin Lance Black

How does storytelling hold a mirror up to society?

Shirley Jo Finney
The Bigger Picture

Delivering social impact with a community rather than for a community

Richard Ray Perez